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The VCA4p based on the VCA from the classic Polyfusion modular synth. Unlike many modern VCAs this one centers around an OTA chip, like most VCAs from the 1970’s.

While this VCA may not be perfect by today’s standards, it’s those imperfections that give the VCA4p it’s character and warmth.

This VCA is meant to be used as 4 separate VCAs, a voltage controlled mixer or a combination of both.

By using the jumpers on the back the user is able to configure this VCA to meet their specific needs.


 4 Individual VCAs, with either linear and exponential CV response. Input can be audio or CV. Individual Gain and outputs for each channel.

Mix Out - depending on the jumpers on the back of the face plate PCB between 1 and 4 outputs of the VCAs will be sent to the mixer section in addition to the individual outs. 

8HP 40MM deep approx 100ma draw