Stochastic Function Generator

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The Stochastic Function Generator was designed to introduce indeterminacy to the modular synthesizer environment. It's main function is as an odd Rise and Fall envelope generator (Attack and Release envelope generator) but can also be used as an unpredictable LFO, random gate generator and random voltage generator.

Unlike the regular Attack and Realease envelope generators the user determines the desirable Minimum and Maximum value for the Rise and Fall states of the envelope. When the Stochastic Function Generator is triggered or gated it randomizes a new Rise and Fall value between the Minimum and Maximum knob settings.

Setting the Maximum knob value below the Minimum knob value will cancel the stochastic process and the module works as a regular Attack and Decay envelope.

The Stochastic Function Generator can be triggered or gated with the manual push button. it also features a loop mode to  re-trigger itself at the end of each cycle, usefull for LFO purposes. The loop function is primarily to be used in triggered mode but diferent results can be obtained on gate mode.

An inverter and attenuater control knob of the output signal is provided. An extra offsetted output is avaliable to deliver a bipolar modulation sorce (+5/-5V). The Inverter and attenuater knob can only attenuate the offsetted output, it's inversion will result a deformed negative waveform.

The Gate Output provides a gate signal with the same length of the envelope's Rise portion. Useful to get random gates when loop mode is on.

Three speed modes are avaliable, High , Mid and Low. There is also two jumpers on the back to change speed modes from "low" to "super low" and "High" to "Super High".

An expansion module is avalible with CV-control over all Minimum and Maximum settings, plus two CV outputs with the random voltage value generated by the Rise and Fall knob settings and a gate input to activate/deactivate  loop mode.

The Stochastic Function Generator is an hybrid circuit, the function generator core is analog and a microcontroller is used to manipulate it's behavior.



Random RISE and FALL determined by Maximum and Minimum knobs.

Maximum knob value below the Minimum knob value module works as regular envelope generator.

Switchable between Gate and Trigger.

Loop mode (LFO mode).

Gate Out proportional to the length of the Rise portion of the envelope.

Inverter and attenuater control knob.

Extra Bipolar output.

Three speed modes, High , Mid and Low.  Jumpers to change speed modes from Low to Super Low mode and High to Super High.