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The dlADSR is clone of the Roland M-140 module, and is very similar to those in the SH-101. As a transistor based EG, it's very responsive and snappy. The perfect companion to the VCA4p.

In addition there are 2 LFOs acting as clocks, one for each EG. There are 2 LFO outs per EG, a Triangle and a Square. The LFO operates independently from the Gate, so when using an external Gate to drive the EGs there is still an LFO available. The Inverted Gate outputs are just what they sound like, an inverted version of whatever is coming into the Gate input, either the internal Square wave or an external Gate.

The Output section has the standard 0-8V and inverted outputs of most EGs, but there is also a +-5V out for modules that accept bi-polar modulation like the SeM20. These are also good for FMing VCOs and anything else you
might use an LFO for. The Mix section is simply that; the two normal, inverted and +-5V outs get mixed for more complex envelopes.

With 2 EGs, 2 LFOs with 2 outs each and 9 Envelope outputs this is the most versatile and dense analog EG out there.

LFO range - 15 Seconds - 300Hz

EG Specs
Attack - 1.5MS - 4 seconds
Decay - 4MS - 12 seconds
Sustain - 0-10V
Release - 4MS - 12 seconds


  • 70 mA +12V
  • 60 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 40 mm Depth