Cheeks of Power 3U - 84HP (Hickory)

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Sized for 3U modules, the rail-mounting screw holes are recessed to allow flushed horizontal mounting of additional Eurorack cases. Each cheek end comes with two felt feet.

Comes with 84HP rails and our power supply already installed and ready to go. Power brick is included. Rails come with 25 square 2.5mm slide nuts per rail for 104HP rails, 20 for 84HP rails. 2.5mm screws can be added.

The power supply that comes with this product is very robust and capable of powering 1-3 additional skiffs/cheeks.  Please read our power supply specifications below carefully before plugging in your modules.

Cheeks of POWER comes with 1 x 10 keyed shrouded 16-pin male connector Eurorack Deluxe flying bus cables(regular flying bus cables also available). Power supply is capable of attaching 2 flying bus cables total. 1 deluxe cable is included; there's an option to purchase additional cables above.

Power supply can be mounted on the left or right side of the cheeks.

Looking for a different rail length? Please contact us at

Maximum module depth: 2 5/8 in.

Power supply info:

+12 @ 2.2A
-12 @ 1.3A
+5 @ 1.5A
Input Voltage Range: +12VDC +/-5%
Output Voltage: +12VDC / -12VDC / +5VDC
Max Output Current +12V:
+/- 5% regulation
2.2A Max
84% efficiency
Short Circuit Protection
FCC Class B
EN55022 Class B
Max Output Current -12V:
+/- 1% regulation
1.3A Max
84.5% efficiency
Extensive self-protection shut down features
Certified to UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.
60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN60950-1 safety approvals,
2nd edition
Max Output Current +5V:
+/- 4% regulation
1.5A Max
90.5% efficiency
Short Circuit Protection
Important note about the power supply brick: 
- Power connector must have a 5.5mm sleeve and a 2.5mm interior barrel pin
- Power supply must be 12VDC, 5A and have a center positive pin
- Using an incorrect power supply will void any warranty on this product.  Other power bricks may work just fine, but we cannot guarantee them.