A-100 Mini Case [used]

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Color: Light Orange, no handle. Actual photo available upon request. 

Built-in a-100 miniature power supply/bus board with higher output current (200 ma @ +/-12v and 50 ma @ +5v)

Width 32 hp (e.g. four modules with 8 hp each)

4 bus connectors (i.e. max. 4 modules)

Alternatively raw wood or black coated

Outside measures: about 160 width x 155 height x 125 depth (mm)

Module depth in the left half: about 50 mm (because of the heat sinks of the power supply) 

Max. module depth in the right half: about 90 mm

Pay attention to the suitable module depths if you order the modules, e.g. a-112a-113, a-126 or a-199 (because of the spring reverb tank) cannot be mounted into the a-100mc.

Ships with an external "wall wart" power supply (9v ac 500ma).